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An Astrology podcast to guide our inner search for personal power to shape our lives, and to be on purpose. I hope to bring to the table all the wisdom contained in the tradition, to be applied as you feel inspired to do so, and to reinforce the idea that we are already whole, 360 degrees!

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  • Feeling Saturnine

    Feeling Saturnine

    If you are having relationship difficulties with your children or colleagues, I DO NOT suggest eating them, not even if it’s your boss making your life miserable!

  • Intro to the Moon Series, beginning with Taurus

    In the Moon Series we talk about the qualities of the Moon that correlates with the sign the Sun is in at the time, though the qualities are eternal for those with that Moon placement, and transitory for the rest of us. I also discuss what might cause that moon principle to become afflicted at…

  • Taurus Season

    In Taurus Season we look to the symbol of the bull to understand some of the most enviable qualities of Taurus being consistency and realism. We look to the way the bull eats, to draw inspiration, from grazing to ruminating to idling. The eating model provides stunning insight and alignment with the qualities of the…