About Me

I have been interested in the secrets of the stars almost since I could read. Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs was a revelation and perfectly described what was evident amongst my friends and their passionate relationships at the ripe age of eight. I was enthralled that the stars could magically know so much, and that Ms Goodman’s book could contain all that magic.

Since those days, I have continued my study of the subject, to varying degrees of intensity, until finally I decided to pursue what has clearly always given my life purpose and meaning. To my continuing surprise, the universe contains so much more magic than was contained in Linda’s book and as it unfolds, my enchantment grows. 

My intention with my podcast, my consulting and every conversation I have about the stars, is to provide an honest and searching interpretation of the symbols, against the backdrop of the world, the workforce, family, and relationships, as I understand them, to provide a rich context. This is where my wealth of experience in each of these things comes to the fore.

I live in Portugal with my loves, Pete and Lily. The star gazing around here is stunning and we are often found at the beach or in our garden, with BBQ going, waiting for the stars to come out.